Conservatives release an album worth of Boris Johnson music

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boris johnson conservative song

Conservatives release “lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to”

boris johnson conservative song

Meme culture has ascended. The old white man’s party finally stick the landing on appealing to young people. The official Conservatives YouTube channel has released an hour-long video “lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to”.  

Lo-fi is music that makes an aesthetic choice to sound low quality. It sprouts from the corners of SoundCloud where people upload extensive playlists titled lo-fi hip hop to study/relax to and the like. In line with SoundCloud’s aesthetic, the beats are normally homemade. To young people, it’s a familiar sound that doesn’t fit into the chart system. The perfect mix for universal admiration.

The Tory’s release shows an impressive level of sophistication considering the outdated image they project. Theresa May’s robotic dancing and BoJo’s racist history has left the UK’s oldest party trailing in Labour’s wake when it comes to youth.

Being so dull that you can’t run your own campaign would hint at a terminal decline to many. The party’s move to outsource their election campaign to a private company might start to turn the tide though. Hiring two men in their 20’s from the other side of the planet doesn’t indicate an authentically connected campaign. However, it may create such an illusion.

The music isn’t great, but it’s hard to make bad lo-fi considering how cosy it naturally sounds. The young New Zealand pair splicing up Johnson’s 3 or 4 soundbites over the beats is a viral-ready way of hammering “Get Brexit done” even further into people’s heads.

Watch the clip here. Leave a comment reminding them of the 180% increase in homelessness since they took power–

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